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Painting Autumn colors


Rishab and Daddy’s painting

Rishab followed daddy’s painting and ended up creating his own master piece.

Rishab Autumn painting

Rishab Autumn painting

Here is a full time-lapse video of this painting

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Circles of Happiness by #Kattimani Boyz

Another painting by #Kattimani Boyz duo.

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Painting Batman Logo, #KB

BatMan has been Rishab’s favorite character from last 2-3 years. He has been drawing batman logos once in a while. For this painting we first Googled a good batman logo, chose the colors and a created an outline with pencil.

Batman logo painting by Kattimani Boyz #KB

Batman logo painting by Kattimani Boyz #KB

Rishab completed most of the painting. I refined the edges of the painting. We completed this painting in just 2 days(a weekend).
This was our second painting with signature #KattimaniBoyz #KB
Checkout our other famous (well at least our) blue flowers painting.

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Painting a gazebo birdhouse

Rishab has been looking forward to open his new acrylic painting set and gazebo birdhouse. Ended up painting it today.

If you are thinking of shooting a video like this, here are some tips

  • Video was shot with a DSLR camera on a tripod, you can record the video with your phone or handycam too. Rishab’s previous painting video was entirely shot on my cell phone.
  • A video editing software such as Pinnacle studio to trim the video clips, fast forward, overlay text & some motion effects between pictures.
  • Lots of patience to take multiple shots

Don’t forget to make it a fun process for you & your kid so that it feels effortless.


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Blue flowers Painting by Kattimani Boyz

Thought of spending some quality time with Rishab on some activity and painting came to my mind. We rushed to the art stores to grab our brushes, paints and canvas.

Blueflowers painting by Kattimaniboyz

Blueflowers painting by Kattimaniboyz

I had a rough idea of what I wanted us to paint and we got started. Drawing the background was easy part. Waiting for 2-3 days for it to dry was the tough part and we didn’t know about it. Internet helped us know oil paints better and we learnt to be patient instead trying to artificially dry the paint and mess it up.

After spending 35 hours spanned over 11 days (almost whole of weekends), the painting was ready.

Kattimani Boyz - Blue flowers painting

Kattimani Boyz – Blue flowers painting

Finally we also made a video of how the painting came up live.

It was great experience creating this beautiful painting (our masterpiece).

Kattimani Boyz
This was coined by one of our neighbor Ron Holmquist almost 5 years ago. We will continue to use this tag for anything that Rishab and I will co-create.

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