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Painting Autumn colors


Rishab and Daddy’s painting

Rishab followed daddy’s painting and ended up creating his own master piece.

Rishab Autumn painting

Rishab Autumn painting

Here is a full time-lapse video of this painting

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Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyzs

This weekend we worked on another fun project. Melting crayons and making an art of it. Rishab loved it. Although its a lot more messier than other forms of art, kids thoroughly enjoy melting their crayons.

Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyz

Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyz

Carefully melt the crayons towards its edges to create that special effect.

Melted end of of Crayons art

Melted end of of Crayons art

Follow this time-lapse video for instructions and to explore how to create your own melted crayons master peice.

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Circles of Happiness by #Kattimani Boyz

Another painting by #Kattimani Boyz duo.

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