3 day Skyranch trip

This was the first time rishab lived without parents for 3 days.

Skyranch trip group photo

Skyranch trip group photo

He had great fun learning a lot, eating outside and surviving in this world(well.. very safe, and we were updated on Twitter).



I wish they do these kind of trips every year.

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Meeting Inu and Avni after years

As part of our Houston trip for Christmas 2014, we had planned to visit Anuj’s home. We met them on 28th Dec. Kids played so nicely and we had great time bonding with our long time friends.

Playing with Inu and Avni

Playing with Inu and Avni

I just wish good times like this last longer. I am sure we all wished the same.

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Moving from Houston.

Moving from Houston was tough for us but was fun as usual for Rishab.

While we were struggling with our move, Rishab kept up entertained with his ever lasting smile and funny creative ways to keep himself engaged

At the end, all that matters is whether you want to remember those cute little moments or the hardship. Choices makes us what we are.

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Numbers in Kannada by Rishab

Rishab’s kannada skills are limited. Here is he counting the numbers.

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Frozen yogurt by Robot

This frozen yogurt delivery robot was there in a mall at Houston. Here goes techie Rishab.

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Rishab’s first Job and first salary

Rishab has learnt a great deal about money recently. Yesterday he spent 50 cents out of his savings on his own with our help. He was very excited about it and kept learning about the value of everything around him in terms of dollars. It was time for the next level – Learning how to earn it.

I came up with an idea of hiring him instead of just giving him money once in a while. I went ahead and prepared an offer letter for him with the details and expectations. Here is a copy of it.

Rishab's Appointment letter

Rishab’s Appointment letter

He went and discussed with his mom and came back with a signature. On the first day I asked him to clean up his mess, and then read 3 books and then keep the list of tasks he completed in a new diary. Within 1 hour completed all these tasks. He kept checking to make sure that I am willing to pay his $1 at the end of it.

He took the job a little seriously and I made sure he enjoys and feels responsible to do his assigned work. He was wearing a shower cap(i guess it made him feel at work like a chef).After an hour as he was continuing his tasks i revealed that eating some spicy food is also part of the next hour assignment. He looked around, gave me a look, took his cap off and said “I will take that 1$ tomorrow, i dont want your job :)”

Rishab with his first earning $1 and 25 cents

Rishab with his first earning $1 and 25 cents

Rishab asked me what is the company name that he is working for. Home office 🙂

Later he came back to me and exclaims “So everyday i am going to be working for this 1 hour company?”

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Tall Rishab

Rishab is growing up and is taller than many of his friends. He is discovering new skills, and here is he jumping off a rock.

These are piled up in front of Sunblossoms at woodlake apartment. Rishab and me sat on these many times and “Enjoyed life” as he calls it.

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Texas Spring bluebonnet blooms

Recently we went out for a weekend getaway with Satish’s family. Found this beautiful roadside spring bloom. We stopped by to get some photos.

Texas roadside bluebonnets bloom

Texas roadside bluebonnets bloom

Rishab and Rohan had a wonderful time together running around the these flowers.

Rishab and Rohan racing in bluebonnet spring bloom

Rishab and Rohan racing in bluebonnet spring bloom

These are natural spring blooms on roadside. No one takes care of them but surely people like us love to watch them while passing by and click a snap or two when we can.

Rohan Byali was running around and having the most fun as usual. Rishab and Rohan were super excited to go around this bluebonnet field as far as they wanted to go. First picture shows how far they went on their own 🙂

Rishab and Rohan having a good time among bluebonnets during spring in Texas

Rishab and Rohan having a good time among bluebonnets during spring in Texas

Texas spring blooms are some of the most attractive ones and a recent music album of Salena Gomez’s video “Come and get it” was pictured in one of such bluebonnet patches.

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Rishab’s Number plate

Looked up at Vanity number plates of Texas other day. Here is an interesting one i liked. I didn’t buy this as it was very expensive (almost 8 times more expensive than Louisiana)

Rishab's car number plate

Rishab’s car number plate

Downloaded this image as it was kinda cool..!

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Funky hair day @ Emerson elementary school, Houson, TX

Rishab’s school Emerson elementary school (Pre-k) at Houston announced Funky hair day. That day on Rishab kept talking about how his hair should look like. Daddy’s hair gel worked wonders to make him a Mohawk.

That day he came home saying that some of his friends touched his hair and called him Mohawk.! He was excited to have one of the coolest hair style in his class.

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