Introducing Electronic parts to kids

Rishab always loved the fact that he could create something on his own and lego toys were a big part of his creations for a long time. Long Lego playlist on his video channel- is a testament to that fact. This not only introduces electronic parts such as transistors, battery, speaker, motor, buttons switches etc but also teach them to connect them together in a logical order to result in over 125 projects.

Rishab claimed that it was the greatest toy he ever reviewed so far and is already feeling like a scientist.

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New England Auto Show 2017 @ Boston

Rishab visited New England’s Auto show at Boston today and explore all new models of cars. Apart from the regular cars, some exotic and antique cars were also on display.


Chevrolet printed Rishab’s own race track trading cards.


We made a video of Rishab walking around and exploring this event. Checkout all about it –


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Rishab’s dance recital

Rishab has been attending hip-hop dance classes at Miss Louise’s School of Dance for sometime. Now it was time for their Annual spring dance recital.

Miss Louise's School of Dance - Annual dance recital

Miss Louise’s School of Dance – Annual dance recital

Over 200 kids performed in different groups. Few of them had solo performances too.

Miss Louise's School of Dance - Rishab in a group dance

Miss Louise’s School of Dance – Rishab in a group dance

Grand finale had almost all kids dancing for the music of Lady gaga’s Applause

Miss Louise's School of Dance - Grand Finale

Miss Louise’s School of Dance – Grand Finale

This was Rishab’s first full fledged stage performance in group infront of an audience of 500+ people. He didn’t seem to be concerned much about the audience or the stage and danced as usual.

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Scratch day at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scratch day is celebrated worldwide and may be the largest celebration was here in MIT, where Scratch originated. After the opening ceremony as part of open sessions people of all ages could demonstrate their scratch programs.

Rishab grabbed his slot for demonstrating his programs.

Rishab marking his timeslot for demonstration

Rishab marking his timeslot for demonstration

Rishab demonstrated aquarium that he developed last year. Many people visited him and were curious to see what he has done.


Rishab demonstrating his scratch program

Rishab demonstrating his scratch program

This was the first time he saw his scratch programs being seen by others with so much curiosity. At the end of the demonstration he said he would like to create more programs.

Rishab demonstrating his Aquarium programs developed in Scratch

Rishab demonstrating his Aquarium programs developed in Scratch

He was the youngest to demonstrate there. But he is so tall that most people assume him to be way more older.  But for his age, its still a great progress.

Few minutes later we met Mitchel Resnick who is the designer of Scratch program and he saw Rishab’s animation program.

With Mitchel Resnick the designer of Scratch

With Mitchel Resnick the designer of Scratch

Although Rishab didn’t have any idea whom he was meeting, but later at home when I shared videos of Mitchel on TED, he was surprised. Mitchel discussed with us about how Rishab got in to Scratch programming so early on and then invited us to try ScratchJr beta version which is not yet available for public. It will be available on IOS towards the end of this year. Android version will be released next year.

Rishab learning about WebDo scratch kit with Martin

Rishab learning about WebDo Scratch kit with Martin

When closing ceremony was going on, Rishab kept repeating that he would like to be here. This was the first one for him and definitely there will be many more in future.


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Rishab’s first software program/Animation using scratch

I recently attended a session on Raspberry Pi in Waltham library. One of the link that was demonstrated had an educational programming software called Scratch developed by MIT.  This project already had more than 2 million users and 4 million programs uploaded on their site. Most popular among 12 and 13 year old kids. Interface looked damn easy and intuitive. I decided that its the right tool for Rishab to learn.

I installed it and tried a simple animation myself quickly with the help of YouTube video. Demonstrated it to Rishab and asked him to do a few steps, he was excited to see that he could make the cat say his name and do lots of fun stuff very easily.

After 2 days, I gave him an assignment, he watched the video back and forth, step by step and ended up creating the following program that simply spins a sprite(character)

Spin sprite - First program by Rishab. Click to play animation in MIT site

Spin sprite – First program by Rishab. Click to play animation in MIT site

It was very tricky for Rishab to create multiple images. Specially dragging, making those small circles and cutting in half to make ears etc. It took him more than an hour to create this animation all from scratch using Scratch. Finally when it was ready, we uploaded it to MIT’s site.

Where do we go next after learning this basic programming? Well Scratch is already interfaced with a few hardware tools to make interesting projects. Play-i (a crowd sourced project) is coming up with a robot kit that can be controlled with Scratch program using bluetooth 4.0. I am sure there are more out there and will show up as we explore more of such technologies.

This exercise of teaching Rishab his first programming language,  brought back the excitement that I had when I was learning Basic language and the high I use to get creating those random lines and blimp programs. Where as everyone else was just focused on writing those palindrome, prime number related  programs.

After reading this, if you happen to install and use Scratch, please leave a comment here or on Rishab’s page on MIT site. We would be glad to link to your page and see what others are developing.

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Prospect hill park, Waltham, MA

Rishab and I often go to Prospect hill park located in Waltham, MA. This view from the top often energizes me. Fall season made it all the more beautiful.

Prospect Hill - Boston view from Watham, MA

Prospect Hill – Boston view from Watham, MA

Not just the view from the top but also the path that leads there is equally beautiful.

Road to Prospect hill park in Waltham

Road to Prospect hill park in Waltham

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Happy Halloween from Boston, MA

Happy Halloween in advance from all of us from Boston, MA.

Happy Halloween from Boston, MA.

Happy Halloween from Boston, MA.

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Moving from Houston.

Moving from Houston was tough for us but was fun as usual for Rishab.

While we were struggling with our move, Rishab kept up entertained with his ever lasting smile and funny creative ways to keep himself engaged

At the end, all that matters is whether you want to remember those cute little moments or the hardship. Choices makes us what we are.

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