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kia logo

kia logo

Rishab learnt all alphabets. It was time to put his knowledge to test. I keep teaching him about all cars names. He also tries to read the alphabets of car names along with knowing thier names.

He read “KIA” as “K1V”

GMC Logo

GMC Logo

Everytime he reads GMC as GMU

His own interpretation of the fonts.

He is already identifying many brands like Honda, Nissan, Ford, Saturn, Chevy etc.

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Our cute little package

Yesterday we received a package from amazon and we were busy in exploring the new gadget. Rishab was busy exploring the box and the packaging meterials. He wrapped his toys with the packaging materials, then placed them in the box and at last fitted himself in the box :).

Our Cute little package

Our Cute little package

Exploring the world in his own cute little ways.

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Know whats the spelling of CAT?

Its time to start teaching about spellings as Rishab has learnt letters and numbers. I thought of checking how he would respond to spelling.

Spelling of cat

Spelling of cat

I asked Rishab “Tell me the spelling of Cat”

Guess what was the answer?

“Meow Meow”.

Rishab is always full of surprises 🙂

Rishab's Ice cube - a Diamond

Rishab's Ice cube - a Diamond

“Now whats this?” When i asked Rishab about a diamond,

Rishab says innocently “Ice cube”.

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Expressive as always

We had a photoshot at home with his new fancy dress.

Rishab -Expressive as always

Had some great pics captured. Great memories.

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Learning something new everyday

When we talk about offering Orange juice to Rishab he immediately says Shugadaa, shaalt. Meaning add Sugar and Salt to the juice. Refer to Rishab’s dictionary.

He demands for Marshmallows often and so far it his favorite. We give him plenty as they arent as sweet and sticky as other chocolates and feel healthy.


If something slips or drops from him hand he says “Oh no” or “Oh Man..!”

When he wants to watch TV, brings the remote to us and says press(the button to start the TV)

He watches cartoons regularly and the most common channels are Sprout, Discovery kids, Disney, Cartoon network and Boomerang.  If we want to change the channel, first we have to switch on the laptop and start Pluto. This is the only way to divert Rishab’s attention from the TV.

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Dreaming of Bubble gum, Ice cream & Pluto ..!

Rishab is 19 months old. His world is still limited to cartoons, toys & few people he meets(ofcourse only few important onces are remembered). Usually after getting up from the bed, he keeps staring at us or keep quite for 10-15 minutes before he gets in to his normal mood. Yesterday afternoon immediately after he woke up, He was in a pleasant mood as if he was doing something and started talking to us. He said ta-tta (that means pluto a character in disney cartoon)

“Babba” (that means bubble gum, again in one of the cartoon pluto eats bubble gum). He has never tasted/tried a bubblegum yet, “Aash..” (that means cube to be specific). He used all these words in succession.

Looks like Rishab had a dream and he saw Pluto, bubble gum, and ice cream in his dream…

What a beautiful & contented world… He just desires for such simple things in his dreams. Thats why he has so much of happiness.

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