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Desi holi 2009 in Louisiana

We visited Metairie where desi holi was organized. Everyone was busy with the activities they were interested in. young ones and kids were busy in getting themselves and others colored. Some were flying kites and others were busy with their usual chit chat. Kids were busy in their own world.

Desi holi in Louisiana

Desi holi in Louisiana

And I had good fun chasing everyone and getting them wet with color.

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First snow…

This is Rishab’s first snow. He screams with happiness (or because of cold 😀 ??) when he comes out in cold. His gloves were also new for him. He was watching his fingers again and again. He must be wondering about what happened to his fingers. I had seen first snow in my life at my 30th age, Rishab hasn’t even completed 30 months.

Although snow is very common in northern part of North America, it doesnt snow in some parts of southern areas like Louisiana. It was snowing in Louisiana after nearly 20 years (One of the hotel staffer told me that he saw the snow last time when he was 9 years old). it was about 2 inches of snow. It was new for localities too. I saw most of my colleagues with cameras to capture that once a decade memory.

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Happy baby in Covington, Luisiana

Rishab gets everyone’s attention wherever he goes. Many people call him “Happy baby”. Many kids stare him silently while Rishab sends out his screams of happiness that attracts everyone around.

Often i use to take Rishab to lobby where he enjoyed exploring new things around him. Everyone thinks he is a girl because of his ear rings and pink dress that he wears. Ear ring because most hindu’s have it when they are kids and pink dress, we aren’t really picky yet about the colors. Going forward Both these will go off.

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Rishab playing @ home

This was a picture from Rishab’s childhood. Was taken in Bangalore at my home.

Rishab with his toys

Rishab with his toys

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Watching Sunset with mama @ Bangalore

With mama @ Bangalore

With mama @ Bangalore

6 months Rishab with mama watching a beautiful sunset @ Bangalore, India

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Rishab after a refreshing bath

Rishab is enjoying his barths now.. doesnt cry any more. He sways his hands and legs playfully enjoying that pre-bath massage( I wish if I/we could be pampered like this 😛 ).Whenever i visit Belgaum i make sure i watch him all the time.
Refreshing Rishab

Refreshing Rishab

This picture was slightly modified digitally. Little bit of Photoshop trick to remove some background on the upper part of the image. Isnt he cute?

Yesterday tweaked this image a little more and made it a greeting for my other site http://www.kannada-greetings.com

Rishab on a greeting

Rishab on a greeting

If you want to share your kids pics for greetings, drop a comment below.

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Rishab in traditional Rajasthani dress

rishab look great on this Rajasthani traditional dress. These were gifted by his grand father who brought these dress from his north indian trip recently. Rishab seemed to enjoy these dresses ( rahter he wasnt bothered of what he was wearing :P) and was very playful as usual.



This is his third month and he is showing lot of active responses. Now he smiles at us when we try to make faces at him (yea we try to make him smile) I think its the most pleasurable/soothing time for any parent to see so young(<6 months) baby responding.

So far he only makes sounds like signs or screams of happiness or sighs (of course he expresses his unhappiness with his cries sometime)

Within a few months he will start making other sounds to attract our attention for various reasons and sit on his own. We would be anxiously waiting for all that (although these steps are common for every child in this world, its always exciting to see your own child learning them).



Right now he is away from me with his mom & grand parents( For those who do not know indian tradition, delivery happens in girl’s native place and she stays with the baby there for a few months to have a comfortable & pampered time by her parents), soon they will join us. I miss him. I wish i could be with him all the time.

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Rishab’s day out

Rishab went out for the first time for a long evening walk today along with papa n mama.  He was looking all around with lot of excitement. Recent monsoon had made the nature fresh and green.

Rishab with mama in belgaum 



Rishab didnt have any signs of weather change (although it was cold and windy outside).

He also met lot of kids (his future friends?) running around with their bicycles in the colony.

With papa and kids of neighbourhood

With papa and kids of neighbourhood

He watches everyone, he still cant make out of birds or animals yet(although like every parents we keep showing and telling him about every object/animal of importance). In a few months he will start identifying all these.

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Rishab’s Innocent look – 2 months

Rishab is learning to understand facial expressions, now he is responding when some one smiles him. He must be wondering why everyone makes funny faces at him. Rishab-Grin He recognizes mom. Rishab is now more than 2 months old.
Innocent Rishab
Rishab’s amazingly innocent look

His little brain is trying to make sense of everything around him. He still struggles to bring his hands towards his mouth. He likes sucking his fingers ( two or three fingers of his fist go together ). Now he enjoys his oil bath and feels very fresh & sleepy after bath.

Its heavenly pleasure to watch your little one learn everyday and grow up.
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Birth of Rishab

Most of Rishab’s pre-birth months were spent in Canada.

Rishab was born on 4th April.

Rishab’s first-day. He had 3.75 Kgs birth weight. This is his first photo.

Rishab kattimani

He was very healthy when born.

He was provided with glucose on his first day. Here is a video of the same.

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