Numbers in Kannada by Rishab

Rishab’s kannada skills are limited. Here is he counting the numbers.

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Rishab requesting

I have been teaching Rishab how to request for something.Here is he trying to practice the same and getting bored to repeat 🙂

It may sound boring to him, but it sure looks cute to any one looking/listning at him.

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Learning updates

Rishab’s learning updates

  • Reads all upper case and lower case letters
  • Reads some simple words like Cat, Rishab, Car etc.
  • Reads many signs and logos like Chevron, Stop etc.
  • Asks me to stop when a red traffic light comes up and also orders me to “Go” when the signal changes to green.
  • Recognizes almost all car brands. More than his mom 🙂
  • Answers most of the questions of neighbors on his own, we dont need to translate in most of the cases.
  • He makes valid sentenses in some cases as opposed to words.
  • Learns new words/sentenses/expressions from cartoons that he watches.
  • Can say L properly and is using it.
  • He stilll cant says R as we(Indian way) do. Or may be he is right as per american accent.
    Rishab learning with other kids
    Rishab learning with other kids


Now Rishab is learning phonetic patterns, that should make his words exploration easier.

I did not have any such formal basic training in English and it was all about remembering what we are told and trying to reproduce from the limited knowledge imparted from the books. We didnt have any english channels or magazines in 1980s in the small town that were were in. I feel as excited as Rishab when he uses a difficult word or when he constructively comes up with somethig that we havent taught him.

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La La La Love…

Rishab pronounces some letters differently in his own way. When he wants to say Chocolate, he says chockwate. We asked him if he meant chockwate, he says no not chockwate, its chockwate 🙂 He knows the correct one in his brain, but he doesnt process what he says out ( at this age its too much to expect :D)

I tried to correct his L today by asking him to repeat with me

“La La La La La”

He said it correctly.

I again said

“La La La La La Love”

He repeated after me

“La La La La La Wove” 🙂

These days he does make complete sentenses for most of what he wants to say.

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Innocent Interpretations

kia logo

kia logo

Rishab learnt all alphabets. It was time to put his knowledge to test. I keep teaching him about all cars names. He also tries to read the alphabets of car names along with knowing thier names.

He read “KIA” as “K1V”

GMC Logo

GMC Logo

Everytime he reads GMC as GMU

His own interpretation of the fonts.

He is already identifying many brands like Honda, Nissan, Ford, Saturn, Chevy etc.

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Know whats the spelling of CAT?

Its time to start teaching about spellings as Rishab has learnt letters and numbers. I thought of checking how he would respond to spelling.

Spelling of cat

Spelling of cat

I asked Rishab “Tell me the spelling of Cat”

Guess what was the answer?

“Meow Meow”.

Rishab is always full of surprises 🙂

Rishab's Ice cube - a Diamond

Rishab's Ice cube - a Diamond

“Now whats this?” When i asked Rishab about a diamond,

Rishab says innocently “Ice cube”.

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