When life sends a blizzard, build a snowman

We had a snow blizzard this weekend and Rishab was all thrilled to play in the snow.

We built a large snowman. When life sends a blizzard, build a snowman.


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Learning Hour of code – Blockly

Its time Rishab learn more coding and nothing better than Hour of code website promoted by Obama. Since Rishab already knew Scratch programming to some extent and loved Minecraft, he was excited to learn Blockly where he could create his own minecraft.


Within a few minutes he knew what to do and ended up figuring out what code to write on his own.

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Bonding with Cousins in India

Rishab met both his cousins Aditya and Nikhil after 3 years. They all went out together for shopping for toys.


They had great fun in choosing the toys.


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Dash dressed up as a creepy spider – Halloween

To make something this #Halloween, we dressed our robot Dash as a spider. It turned out to be a bit creepy and very entertaining.

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Upendra in Boston for #Uppi2

Kannada Super star visited Boston area to promote his movie #Uppi2

Upendra In Boston for #Uppi2

Upendra In Boston for #Uppi2

Rishab had not seen any of his movies before but was charmed by his personality and was asking me repeatedly to translate what he was telling.

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Super blood moon eclipse – Tetrad

Today moon was closest to earth and looks 14% larger than normal. It was also total lunar eclipse.  This is how the moon was visible from Massachusetts , USA at 10:30PM

Super blood moon eclipse

Super blood moon eclipse

These events together are rare. Rishab witnessed it today ( though we didn’t wait for it to be totally red). Next similar event is in 2033 that’s when Rishab will be 25 around years old..!

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Painting Autumn colors


Rishab and Daddy’s painting

Rishab followed daddy’s painting and ended up creating his own master piece.

Rishab Autumn painting

Rishab Autumn painting

Here is a full time-lapse video of this painting

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Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyzs

This weekend we worked on another fun project. Melting crayons and making an art of it. Rishab loved it. Although its a lot more messier than other forms of art, kids thoroughly enjoy melting their crayons.

Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyz

Melted Crayons Art By Kattimani Boyz

Carefully melt the crayons towards its edges to create that special effect.

Melted end of of Crayons art

Melted end of of Crayons art

Follow this time-lapse video for instructions and to explore how to create your own melted crayons master peice.

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Charlotte’s Web book Review By Rishab

Rishab completed reading “Charlotte’s web” book. Here is his review on his Rishab tube channel.

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1Up Box review by Rishab

Influence of Evantube made us order a 1up box for Rishab. Here is a detailed review of it by Rishab

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