2nd Year

Easter egg hunting

Easter egg hunting was conducted by Rishab’s school. All kids first made bunny hats and then they were face painted like bunnies.
Easter bunny Rishab

Easter bunny RishabRishab was dressed like a bunnyBunnies ready to hunt

They were given buckets to collect the eggs placed outside in bushes. Kids were ready to go out and have fun searching those eggs.
Bunnies ready to hunt

Bunnies ready to hunt

Everyone searched for eggs placed in all corners and filled their basket.

Searching to easter eggs hidden by the bunny.

Searching to easter eggs hidden by the bunny.

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Rishab – Our car number plate

Our Honda Accord car got a new number plate. As you might have guessed, Its “RISHAB” 🙂 Registered in Louisiana.

Rishab-Vanity number plate

Rishab-Vanity number plate

Now Rishab keeps claiming that its his car and not his dad’s as his name is written on it.

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Playing games on Laptop

Rishab learnt using laptop’s mousepad today with this game. In a few minutes he was good at making cakes as ordered.

Learning to operate laptop - Playing purble place game

Learning to operate laptop - Playing purble place game

Withought his knowledge, he has started to operate a laptop. Would love to see me checking what he wants on youtube on his own. I am sure that day would come very soon

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Holi 2011 @ Lafreniere park, Metairie, LA

Holi was celebrated in Lafreniere park of Metairie on 18th March. It was a warm spring day.
While rest of them were busy seriously with Holi, Rishab was busy shooting with his water gun.

Holi @Lafreniere park, Metairie, LA

Holi @Lafreniere park, Metairie, LA

Take a look at this video.

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Mr Ron.

Rishab attended our ex-neighbor Mr.Ron’s 78th birthday.  Rishab use to look out of the window and talk to him all the time.

Rishab on Mr. Ron' 78th Birthday

Rishab on Mr. Ron's 78th Birthday

Rishab had good fun playing with all of them.

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First Lie & Some mess

Rishab told us first lie of his life. He was playing with some thermocole and broke it in to pieces and made a mess. I asked him who made this mess angrily.

He says ” Inu did it”. She is a neighbor and friend of him and she hasn’t even visited us today.

I thought, oh this is how it starts.


Rishab made some mess and following was the conversation I overheard.

Mama: “Do you know what will i do if you don’t clean?”

Rishab : “You will clean it…! ” – Innocent answer as usual 🙂

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Farm Animals petting @ red bluff farm

Redbluff farm had animals petting, Rishab saw some animals for the first time. They had piglets, chicks, Lambs, Calves and some more farm animals.  
Piglet petting @ Redbluff farm

Piglet petting @ Redbluff farm

They also demonstrated shearing sheeps, milking cows(with machines) along with some fun facts related to these animals. It was equally interesting for us to learn the way they manage these farms.

Feeding calves

Feeding calves

Rishab also visited pumpkin  patch and antique tractors at red bluff farm.

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Autumn – Colorful pumpkins & Red bluff Farm

Autumn is here and its colorful everywhere. Redbluff farm offered a pumpkin patch along with their farm visit.  People pick these pumpkins for Halloween decoration ( they carve these put a light inside. It looks like a nice lantern)
Pumpkins for Halloween

Pumpkins for Halloween

These pumpkins are availble in various shapes, sizes (varying from pocket sized mini pumpkins to giant ones that weigh hundreds of pounds) and colors.

Rishab at Pumpkin patch

Rishab at Pumpkin patch

Rishab also checked out antique tractors at this Redbluff farm.

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Red bluff farm, Falsom – Louisiana

Rishab visited Red bluff farm today as to checkout a pumpkin patch with farm animals. He also found lot of interesting animals and things around. Lets go through them.

Antique tractor -1
Antique tractor -1
Rishab had not seen a tractor before, it was a good experience for him. He tried out all those gears and streerings (in vain as they couldnt be moved).

Antique tractor - 2
Antique tractor – 2

Antique tractor-2 was the coolest one and its rear wheels were more than twice the size of Rishab 🙂

1947 Ford Tractor

1947 Ford Tractor

This Ford tractor is as old as India’s independence is.

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Learning updates

Rishab’s learning updates

  • Reads all upper case and lower case letters
  • Reads some simple words like Cat, Rishab, Car etc.
  • Reads many signs and logos like Chevron, Stop etc.
  • Asks me to stop when a red traffic light comes up and also orders me to “Go” when the signal changes to green.
  • Recognizes almost all car brands. More than his mom 🙂
  • Answers most of the questions of neighbors on his own, we dont need to translate in most of the cases.
  • He makes valid sentenses in some cases as opposed to words.
  • Learns new words/sentenses/expressions from cartoons that he watches.
  • Can say L properly and is using it.
  • He stilll cant says R as we(Indian way) do. Or may be he is right as per american accent.
    Rishab learning with other kids
    Rishab learning with other kids


Now Rishab is learning phonetic patterns, that should make his words exploration easier.

I did not have any such formal basic training in English and it was all about remembering what we are told and trying to reproduce from the limited knowledge imparted from the books. We didnt have any english channels or magazines in 1980s in the small town that were were in. I feel as excited as Rishab when he uses a difficult word or when he constructively comes up with somethig that we havent taught him.

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