1st Year

Playing at IBIS Trail

Rishab gets annoyed to be at home, These days we are taking him out regularly as its getting warmer. Many kids are shy to talk to other kids, but Rishab just needs kids, he will be playing with them in no time.

Although we spend time at the GYM in the evenings, but some times we just hang out here instead.

IBIS Trail has a small play area where kids gather specially in the evening. Rishab enjoys meeting other kids of his age. Not really his age, one is 4 years old and the other is 8 years :).

Its good time for us too as we interact with other parents and share our learnings with them.

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First day @ Papa’s office

working very hard…

Rishab enjoyed the fun ride on my laptop bag.

looking down from fifth floor

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Rishab’s First birthday

Rishab’s first birthday in covington, Louisiana.

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1st Birthday invitation

I am turning 1 this weekend, you all are invited for my birthday party.

rishab's birthday invitation

rishab's birthday invitation

Hope to have lot of fun with you all.

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Desi holi 2009 in Louisiana

We visited Metairie where desi holi was organized. Everyone was busy with the activities they were interested in. young ones and kids were busy in getting themselves and others colored. Some were flying kites and others were busy with their usual chit chat. Kids were busy in their own world.

Desi holi in Louisiana

Desi holi in Louisiana

And I had good fun chasing everyone and getting them wet with color.

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Anushka’s birthday

Anushka’s birthday in Covington

Anushka's birthday

Anushka's birthday

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Travel to USA – His first international travel

This was Rishab’s first longest distance travel.
Rishab slept well during the flight and and was more relaxed and fresh than we were.

Although we were fully prepared with everything for Rishab, he didn’t cry or trouble any one, slept off happily in the bassinet that we had booked for him.

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Sukhvinder Singh met rishab in airport

Rishab met Sukhvinder singh, a legendary hindi singer. We had seen him on a televison show “Voice of India” on Star plus just the previous night. He appears in numerous video albums and is a famous playback singer for hindi and other language movies.

Sukhvinder singh with rishab

Sukhvinder singh with rishab

He was very nice to us and took rishab in his arms. After staring at his sunglasses rishab started crying loudly (Trust me he hardly ever cries without good reason). Probly rishab was thinking, whos this wearing sunglasses even when sun inst around. Sukhvinder offered apologies for making rishab cry 🙂 We felt good to meet him and moved on to board our flight.
We along with Rishab were on our way to Chennai to get US visa.

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Rishab’s Naming ceremony.

Naming ceremony in India/Karnataka

Naming ceremony for a child is typically typically scheduled within 3 months after birth. All relatives and well wishers gather and wish the baby and call him/her with the formal name. in otherwords the baby is assigned a name name that will be used for the rest of his/her life.

While naming the baby we considered lot of points some of them were
(a) Name should not become abusive on breaking or making it short.
(b) Should not yeild wrong meanings when shortforms are made along with last name.
(c) Should be easy for everyone to call(including westerners)
(d) Should have good meaning.


– Rishab means 2nd note of musical instrument(Piano) which is RE.I hope Rishab will some day be good at music with some instrument. His grandfather has lot of interest in music (father too to some extent), We have a Piano(a synthesizer), some Flutes and a Banjo.



Most of Rishab’s relatives gathered in his naming ceremony which happened on his 3rd month birthday at Belgaum – His grandfather’s house.

His aunty named him according to the tradition. They first name the child with 4 other names and finally with his real name as shown in this video.

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