1.5 Years

Bogue falaya river in covington, LA

Bogue falaya park in covington Collects Abita river and joins Ponchartrain. Park hardly had any visitors on the day we visited.
Bogue falaya park covington, LA

Bogue falaya park covington, LA

This Park is mostly used for music concerts. It has all wooden playground.

Bogue-falaya river in covington, LA

Bogue-falaya river in covington, LA

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Publishing this old video after almost 3 years. It still makes me wonder how cute he was and his every behavior was. Watch him answering to all my questions in his sweet little ways. He was about 1.8 years old when this video was shot. One weekend afternoon I was testing his new skills.

I ask him what sound a sheep makes and he doesn’t answer but ends up sneezing saying “Aksheee..!”. His twinkling eyes and smile know that I was kidding when i say “Does it say Akshee?”. This video always brings a smile on all of our faces.

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St. Patricks day @ Metairie

Centuries back lot of Irish people immigrated to America, their culture is celebrated on St. Patricks day. We went a few hours early and had a lot of time to spend with people around. Rishab spent his time going around and hanging along with a few new friends.

This is what he does... Look at new friends closely.

All types of vegitables and fruits are thrown from the floats. Vegitable vary from lemons to cabbages. Throws also include beads and toys similar to Mardi gras.

A street on St. Patricks day

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Desi Holi 2010

This year it is very cold and holi cant be played outdoors hence Holi celebration was postponed by a month. So holi celebrations are towards march end in Metairie (where most of Louisiana plays holi). We couldnt stop ourselves from having a small get together and apply some colors

3 Musketeers during Holi 2010

Kids had their share of fun too. Last year they were all so tiny.. They are all growing fast

Rishab was curiously (may be he was wondering why are we applying this color) applying color to me.

Rishab applying color to papa

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Mardi gras 2010

Mardi gras is here again. This year Rishab was actively demanding for stuffed toys from the floats that were passing by.

Rishab attended following mardi gras parades with us.

  • Eve in Madeville
  • Olympia in Covington
  • Dionysus of Slidell
  • Orpheus in Mandeville
  • Endymion in Mid-City
  • Lions in Covington
  • Mardi gras 2010

    Mardi gras 2010 @ Mid-city

    It was relatively colder than last year. We went to Covington Lions parade quite early and enjoyed walking on the streets with lot of people around in festive mood.

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    Learning cycling

    Rishab is learning cycling (or Tricycling?) these days. Although its very cold these days (around 5-10 degree C) Rishab never hesitates to go out in the cold.

    Rishab learning cycling

    He calls it bishlow. He still doesn’t understand how to cycle, but likes it when it moves. He will eventually learn it.

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    Anushka’s 2nd Birthday

    Rishab attended Anushka’s birthday this weekend. He sure seemed to enjoy the company of lot of kids around and playful atmosphere.

    Rishab attending Anushka's 2nd birthday.

    This is Anushka’s second birthday and last year we attended her first birthday too. He did poke his finger in the cake and taste how it was even before the cake was cut and so did Anushka.

    He seem to have learnt what a b’day cake is, how to blow the candle and many more things.

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    Learning something new everyday

    When we talk about offering Orange juice to Rishab he immediately says Shugadaa, shaalt. Meaning add Sugar and Salt to the juice. Refer to Rishab’s dictionary.

    He demands for Marshmallows often and so far it his favorite. We give him plenty as they arent as sweet and sticky as other chocolates and feel healthy.


    If something slips or drops from him hand he says “Oh no” or “Oh Man..!”

    When he wants to watch TV, brings the remote to us and says press(the button to start the TV)

    He watches cartoons regularly and the most common channels are Sprout, Discovery kids, Disney, Cartoon network and Boomerang.  If we want to change the channel, first we have to switch on the laptop and start Pluto. This is the only way to divert Rishab’s attention from the TV.

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    Rishab’s Dictionary – His words and meanings

    As of today (December 13, 2009) Rishab’s vocabulary contains these words. There are lot more words which arent documented here.

    • Tatta = Pluto
    • Moshaan=(Micky)Mouse
    • Kakka=Duck, Quack
    • Zeeheee=Zebra, Giraffe
    • Saar=Star
    • tissha=Tissue
    • Pishh=Chips
    • Agga=Egg
    • Bahaahaa=Banana
    • Dudda=Milk
    • Aabu=Water
    • Gaash=Glass
    • Babba=Bubble gum, Bubbles
    • Aash(He twists his tingue for this)=Ice
    • Ouvva=Yellow
    • Buuu=Blue
    • Geen=Green
    • Parkal,Parpakk=Purple
    • Aja=Grand father
    • Chooo=Magic
    • Affan=Change the channel(of  TV)
    • Bishlow=Bicycle
    • Sishlow=Turtle
    • Gidda, Diggidiggidiggi=Guitar
    • Shugadaa=Sugar
    • Shaat=Salt

    Will try to make a video of his words and add here.


    Additions on July 18, 2010

    Chook buch=School bus
    Pomponk=Pop Corn

    One day he was saying “PomPonk” while watching TV, Although i knew the meaning but still i asked him

    “What is PomPonk”

    I was stunned with his answer. He says

    “Pomp” “corn”

    He does know how to correct it but keeps saying it because it sounds funny.

    So parents, we got to keep telling them the right words and they keep correcting it or else they will continue the same way till they go to school.

    By the way he has corrected 90% of the words documented earlier and he is forming sentenses with lot of words (although he needs to correct his grammar).

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    Rishab’s first Playschool

    Rishab’s play time. He enjoys wearing this butterfly wings 🙂

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