Learning something new everyday

When we talk about offering Orange juice to Rishab he immediately says Shugadaa, shaalt. Meaning add Sugar and Salt to the juice. Refer to Rishab’s dictionary.

He demands for Marshmallows often and so far it his favorite. We give him plenty as they arent as sweet and sticky as other chocolates and feel healthy.


If something slips or drops from him hand he says “Oh no” or “Oh Man..!”

When he wants to watch TV, brings the remote to us and says press(the button to start the TV)

He watches cartoons regularly and the most common channels are Sprout, Discovery kids, Disney, Cartoon network and Boomerang.  If we want to change the channel, first we have to switch on the laptop and start Pluto. This is the only way to divert Rishab’s attention from the TV.

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