Aquatica-San Antonio

Aquatica-San Antonio – Not a selfie

We went to Aquatica in San Antonio. There were lots of different rides there, and they all were water rides. There was even a fake lagoon with waves! My favorite was the one where we had swim rings and we floated for a long time.

Sleeping seal @ Sea world-San Antonio
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Ramleela – Vishwamitra

Rishab participated in Ramleela play organized by Vedic Hindi school at Frisco, TX
He prepared for months together and spent many hours rehearsing with his other play friends.

Vedic Hindi school - Ramleela

Vedic Hindi school – Ramleela

Later in the same drama he was also a part of Ravana’s evil army.

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3 day Skyranch trip

This was the first time rishab lived without parents for 3 days.

Skyranch trip group photo

Skyranch trip group photo

He had great fun learning a lot, eating outside and surviving in this world(well.. very safe, and we were updated on Twitter).



I wish they do these kind of trips every year.

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Introducing Electronic parts to kids

Rishab always loved the fact that he could create something on his own and lego toys were a big part of his creations for a long time. Long Lego playlist on his video channel- is a testament to that fact. This not only introduces electronic parts such as transistors, battery, speaker, motor, buttons switches etc but also teach them to connect them together in a logical order to result in over 125 projects.

Rishab claimed that it was the greatest toy he ever reviewed so far and is already feeling like a scientist.

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New England Auto Show 2017 @ Boston

Rishab visited New England’s Auto show at Boston today and explore all new models of cars. Apart from the regular cars, some exotic and antique cars were also on display.


Chevrolet printed Rishab’s own race track trading cards.


We made a video of Rishab walking around and exploring this event. Checkout all about it –


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Reviewing Super Magnetic Space Putty

Rishab got Super Magnetic Space putty as one of the Christmas gift. Same day Rishi visited him and they both were eager to open it and play with it.

Here is a review of Magnetic putty.  You can combine other magnetic materials and have hours of fun with it.


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Smolak farms – Apple picking and pumpkin patch

Rishab visited Smolak farms today to pick apples and pumpkin in North Andover MA. smolak-farms-pumpkin-path

Picked apples and enjoyed playing with Veer and Kaira


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When life sends a blizzard, build a snowman

We had a snow blizzard this weekend and Rishab was all thrilled to play in the snow.

We built a large snowman. When life sends a blizzard, build a snowman.


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Learning Hour of code – Blockly

Its time Rishab learn more coding and nothing better than Hour of code website promoted by Obama. Since Rishab already knew Scratch programming to some extent and loved Minecraft, he was excited to learn Blockly where he could create his own minecraft.


Within a few minutes he knew what to do and ended up figuring out what code to write on his own.

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Bonding with Cousins in India

Rishab met both his cousins Aditya and Nikhil after 3 years. They all went out together for shopping for toys.


They had great fun in choosing the toys.


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